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Well, hello!

So glad you found us. We are brokers with Windermere and lifetime / longtime Kirkland residents. We are obsessed with all things real estate and have tons of experience in all facets of the business. We know our stuff and we have fun, too. Think we might be a good match for you?


Kirkland Style is a feeling, a sentiment, a lifestyle. Inspired by my blissful summer afternoons growing up in this amazing city – from swim lessons at the Peter Kirk pool, to easy walks to the grocery store, to endless adventures at the beach – I've valued Kirkland Style from the beginning and have a nostalgic fondness for the city’s unique homes and neighborhoods. Kirkland’s landscape has greatly evolved since the 80s, yet the small-town feel, quaint downtown, and natural beauty persist.

I’m a proud Husky and UW Business School alum, where I devoured my classes in marketing and organizational behavior. But after just a few years working as a producer and manager at I craved the opportunity to run my own business, with full creative and strategic control, and no limits on achievement.

Developing a business in the real estate arena was a natural choice - I’d been invested from age 23. Likewise, it was well-suited to my deeply instilled Nordstrom service style when taking care of clients.

Home is a special place, an environment that has a huge impact on mood, energy, and contentment - I love that Bryon and I get to channel our knowledge and energy into helping our clients make the best decisions when it comes to such an important investment.


Kirkland is a city unlike any other – I know this as someone who lived in five different states before the age of 16. Starting in Spokane, I learned quickly what ‘show ready’ meant, and was often relied on for those perfect vacuum lines. After so many moves, I was grateful to ultimately return to the beautiful PNW in time to attend the University of Washington.

As a result of visiting so many different regions and people, treasured time spent playing and traveling with the Cleveland Indians organization, and several devoted years in management with Nordstrom, I was well-prepared for my role in real estate where I am fortunate to always be meeting new people. And with a lifetime affection for architecture and development, I couldn’t be happier contributing to this field.

Once jokingly referred to by a client as “The Real Estate Computer”, I acknowledge I am thoroughly dedicated in my research of land, properties, history, and city code. While Natasha and I have varied skill sets, we also have similar goals and approaches, which affords us a natural strength in collaboration.

I want to help buyers and sellers become aware of a property’s investment options, zoning, and renovation or development potential to ensure they have a complete picture of their real estate transaction. I’m always glad to welcome new neighbors to this amazing community.


For Buyers

Diligent Search Communication

Investment + Improvement Expertise

Passionate Marketing Knowledge

Dedicated Contract Proficiency

Our services for buyers include thorough property research and evaluation, diligent and timely search communication, comprehensive contract management, and expertise on investment and improvement potential. With our years of experience as investors, designers, remodelers, and builders, we are well-versed in all aspects of real estate ownership and want to help you make a sound purchase!

For Sellers

Customized, Branded Marketing

Expert Staging + Design

Passionate Marketing Knowledge

Dedicated Contract Proficiency

Our services for sellers are designed to prepare your home for sale and showcase the property in its best possible light - so you can get the most out of it. As brokers and designers, we can advise on changes as simple as modifying furniture placement to managing more significant improvements, such as painting, flooring, and polishing up the curb appeal. We have longtime relationships with talented trades in all categories of home improvement, and with our direction, your home will shine.

Let's Set a Date!

We'd be happy to set up a time to meet with you in person or simply chat on the phone. We want to get a clear picture of your goals so that we may create the best possible plan tailored to your needs and preferences.