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As you're likely all-too-familiar, our state faces an unprecedented housing crisis. According to EcoNorthwest, "we have the lowest ratio of dwelling units to households of any state in the country".

DADU's (Detached Accessory Dwelling Units) are being promoted in many cities in need of increased affordable housing. Usually under 1,000 square feet, they offer additional living or work space, can serve as an apartment for extended family or nannies, and can typically be rented out for extra income.

Seattle and Renton currently have pre-approved plans to choose from, with greatly shortened permitting times and in some cases, lessened fees.

Seattle currently offers 10 pre approved plans, and the designs are inspiring.

According the the Seattle website, it's a simple process. Plans can be purchased for as little as $1,000 with multiple architects contributing the designs.

There are rules of course regarding zoning, lot coverage, and quantity - but for those with the lot and location to qualify, it's a really awesome option to expand living space or generate extra income. In some places (Kirkland is one), ownership between house and DADU cab be legally separated by converting to ownership as condos. And yes, the structures can then be sold separately. This is a recent change to Kirkland's ADU code and a handful of builders and homeowners are in the early stages of navigating this opportunity.

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